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➥《Nocturnal Flying Mammal》✈
9 August
Oh, who the hell knows anymore?

i'd call it flexible thinking
kari chuui ria aimee
HP: 95 ATK: 78 DEF: 110 SP ATK: 75 SP DEF: 84 SPEED: 90

A water pokémon. Petite and light-colored with large blue eyes, the kari is a friendly and generally cheerful pokémon that prefers to travel in small, tightly-knit packs than large colonies, and seems to have an unusual affinity for redheads. Especially those with tattoos.

However, do not be fooled by the innocuous form of the kari. Though diminutive and seemingly harmless, the kari is actually quite fierce, and if aggravated will cut you so bad. Easily irritated, karis are quick to give verbal lashings, and can often be found perching on soapboxes. Karis are very protective of those they consider to be part of their pack, even if they are a different type of pokémon, and are known to take on much larger and higher-level pokémon for the sake of defending their comrades. They rely on speed more than power when attacking, but are stronger than their small frame would suggest.

Karis are indigenous to the eastern tidewater region of the United States, but have been found as far north as upper Washington State, and as far south as Texas, though they do not fare well there. Karis prefer cool, damp climates and mountainous regions, thriving in snowy areas. Primarily nocturnal, karis are extremely sensitive to light and wither in extreme heat or strong sun. Their special attacks are Scary Face and Whirlpool.
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Kingdom Hearts The Legend of Zelda
Musekinin Kanchou Tylor Peach Girl The X-Files

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