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20 December 2009 @ 02:41 am
[fst] Scrubs - Perry and Jordan - You're Awful, I Love You  
oh my gawd i finally finished it. yeesh. i've been working on this since September.

Medium: TV
Fandom: Scrubs
Subject: Perry Cox/Jordan Sullivan
Title: You're Awful, I Love You

Fifteen tracks plus bonus song. All files are MP3 format, complete with track numbers and album art for those of you iTuners. Everything is uploaded individually, and a zip file can be found at the bottom. Thanks to scruby for screencaps!

01. Dropkick Murphys - Bastards on Parade [♪]
if you can look into this old face and try to see the young man
i swear i once was pretty, not the monster you now see
but i squandered all my chances
lost my faith and took for granted
this life and precious one chance the whirlwind i'll reap

if i'm just a fool
a fool driven to dust
and the world ain't gonna change for me!

Carla: What do you do when you get scared?
Perry: Run away, get a divorce, drink alone... You know, the classics.

[♪] 02. Meredith Brooks - Bitch
so take me as i am
this may mean you'll have to be a stronger man
rest assured that when i start to make you nervous
and i'm going to extremes
tomorrow i will change
and today wont mean a thing

i'm a bitch, i'm a tease
i'm a goddess on my knees
when you're hurt, when you suffer
i'm your angel undercover
i've been numb, i'm revived
can't say i'm not alive
you know i wouldn't want it any other way...

Perry: I am just not going to have you pirouetting around in here while my heart is breaking inside.
JD: Sorry.
Jordan: You're heart is breaking inside? That's so embarrassing for you!
Perry: Thank you for that.

03. Mest - Until I Met You [♪]
don't wanna take it
because i fucking hate it
why do we talk when
all we do is argue?
nothing to be said
except you make me wish i was dead
this time I'm breaking up for good

i never felt this way before
open chest, heart on the floor
i never wished that i was dead
until i met you

Perry: So, how are things going down in the underworld?
Jordan: Good. And you? Still have a rollicking social life?
Perry: Since I cut you loose, it's been one big party!
Jordan: In the next five seconds, name someplace other than the hospital or your
apartment you've been in the last month. Five...four...three...two...
Perry: My car! On the way to the...big party.
Jordan: Ooh. That must have hurt.

[♪] 04. Barenaked Ladies - Told You So
i never told you i agreed with you
i don't think i do
i wasn't sure quite what the whole thing meant
but i'm glad you went
i never thought that it could be painless
but it is i guess
i had myself fooled into needing you
did i fool you too?

a viral infection that can incubate for years
caused by affection falling deep into arrears
no medication to procure
makes me pure
there's no cure
i am sure

Perry: Listen, sweetcheeks, I am seeing someone who--
Jordan: Let me guess, let me guess--dark haired, domineering, doesn't take any of your crap?
You see, a lesser person would mock your inability to move on. I'm going to consider it an homage.
Perry: There is something so...soft about you.

05. Eve 6 - Bring the Night On [♪]
i'm trying to let you know that you're not just another
when you're under the covers, i'm under your thumb
and you're the finest of specimens
leaving me breathless
reeling and restless
putting me to the test

turn the light off
leave me where i lay
bring the night on
not another day

Perry: I can't stop thinking about putting up with you.
Jordan: Look: This is pointless, angry, shallow sex! Why would you go and ruin something like that?
Perry: I'm real sorry, but that's just not enough for me anymore.
Jordan: Sweetie, I have feelings for you, too; I do. But unlike
you, I have some balls, so you don't hear me whining about it.

[♪] 06. Theory of a Deadman - Bad Girlfriend
my girlfriend's a dick magnet
my girlfriend; gotta have it
she's hot, can't stop,
up on stage, doing shots
tip the man he'll ring the bell,
get her drunk she'll scream like hell
dirty girl, gettin' down,
dance with guys from outta town
grab her ass, actin' tough,
mess with her, she'll fuck you up

no one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned
but she's comin' back to my place tonight

she likes to shake her ass
she grinds it to the beat
she likes to pull my hair
when i make her grind her teeth
i like to strip her down
she's naughty 'til the end
you know what she is, no doubt about it
she's a bad, bad girlfriend!

Jordan: And finally, Perry, you are not gonna believe what happened the first time I met your little protégé, here...
J.D.'s Narration: Oh, please God, no.
Jordan: I slept with him... and it was good--oh!

07. The Dave Matthews Band - Stay or Leave [♪]
wake up naked drinking coffee
making plans to change the world
while the world is changing us
it was good good love
we used to laugh under the covers
maybe not so often now
the way i used to laugh with you
was loud and hard

stay or leave, i want you not to go
but you should
it was good as good goes
stay or leave, i want you not to go
but you did...

Perry: No, wait a minute--you don't have to go, you know, if...if you don't want to.
Jordan: Oh my God, are you really that lonely?
Perry: Kinda, yeah.
Jordan: All right, I'll toss you a quickie, but no talking.

[♪] 08. A New Found Glory - All Downhill From Here
and i can tell you're going through the motions
i figured you were acting out your part
once again, we're playing off emotion
which one of us will burn until the end?

you insist to pull me down
you contradict the fact that you
still want me around
and it's all downhill from here...

Carla: Well?
Perry: I'm sorry, would you please repeat the question?
Carla: Are you just gonna roll over like that?
Jordan: That's weird, I asked him the same thing last night.
Carla: Where's the outrage? The anger? The hate?
Jordan: Again, last night!
Carla: You've gone soft.
Jordan: [Gasps] Okay, now it's getting spooky.

09. Alice Cooper - Poison [♪]
i hear you calling and its needles and pins
i wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name
don't wanna touch you but you're under my skin
i wanna kiss you but your lips are venomous poison
you're poison running through my veins
you're poison
i dont wanna break these chains

Carla: You can deny you like her all you want. But, I know for a fact,
that every time you guys are done playing racquetball or having a conversation
or whatever it is you crazy kids are calling it, you like nothing more than
to just lie next to Jordan and watch her sleep.
Perry: It would be impossible for me to lie next to Jordan. She sleeps
hanging from a ramp in the ceiling, wrapped in a cocoon of her own wings.

[♪] 10. Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be?
when i say out loud
'i want to get out of this'
i wonder, is there anything i'm gonna miss?
i wonder how it's gonna be
when you don't know me
how's it gonna be
when you're sure i'm not there?
how's it gonna be
when there is no one to talk to between you and me
'cuz I don't care...
how's it gonna be?

Perry: Hey, Jordan, are you...are you crying?
Jordan: No.... I don't know! I'm just completely hormonal! I mean, you try
going from out-of-control horny to clinically depressed six times a day.
Perry: Oh, gimme a break, I can knock that out on the way to work. Hey, lady,
I'm proud of what you're doing here.
Jordan: Really?
Perry: Yeah, really.
Jordan: Thanks. ...Last chance: Do you want me or not?

11. Everclear - Here We Go Again [♪]
you know i like to watch you sleep
no, i don't wanna touch you, you'll get mad at me
no, i don't wanna think about the bad times
anyone could have a bad year

oh baby can't you see
there ain't no place i'd rather be

than watchin' dirty movies
in that happy room with you
sleepin' on a mattress in the corner
eating Chinese food
i hear that voice in my head
say "here we go again..."

Jordan: Hey, Jordan, there's something I really want to say to you.
Jordan: But can you say it while I'm drinking water? Because I'm really dying of thirst...
Perry: I like you. Again. There, you win. You can ahead and do your victory dance
or slaughter a goat or whatever it is you do when you're happy.

[♪] 12. Zebrahead - The Hell That Is My Life
i, i look but never touch
she says i drink too much
i only think about myself, sex, and the couch
you, you light up my whole day
whenever you're away
i'd love to say i've got you figured out--
no way!

i can take you so much more
and you've got so much more in store
'cuz when you say your mom don't like me
i say that your mom's a whore
then you call me selfish pig
and something small turns something big
the more you shovel in the more i dig
more you shovel in the more i dig

Jordan: Hurry home tonight so you can ignore your son and not do your share.
Perry: You make me wanna kill myself and everybody around me...

13. Fall Out Boy - Bang the Doldrums [♪]
this city says
come hell or high water
when i'm feeling hot and wet
i can't commit to a thing
be it heart or hospital

best friends
ex-friends to the end
better off as lovers
and not other way around

Perry: Wait a second, why were you even mad at me?
Jordan: Oh, I don't even remember.

[♪] 14. Ludo - Love Me Dead
you're a faith-healer on TV
you're an office park without any trees:
corporate and cold
gushin' for gold--leave me alone.
you suck so passionately
you're a parasitic psycho filthy creature
finger-bangin' my heart
you call me up drunk: does the fun ever start?

she moves through moonbeams slowly
she knows just how to hold me
and when her edges soften
her body is my coffin
i know she drains me slowly
she wears me down to bones in bed
must be the sign on my head
that says oh, love me dead!

Perry: Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
Jordan: Oh my God. If I have to stay here and listen to this crap, I'll need a stronger drink.
Perry: I hate you.
Jordan: I hate you, too, honey.
Perry: Fair enough.

15. The Click Five - Just The Girl [♪]
she's cold and she's cruel
but she knows what she's doing
knows just what to say
so my whole day is ruined...

'cuz she's bittersweet
she knocks me off of my feet
and i can't help myself
i don't want anyone else
she's a mystery
she's too much for me
but i keep coming back for more
she's just the girl i'm lookin' for

Perry: Jordan, you are an unpredictable, passionate person, and you
challenge me each and every day. And, honestly, that's the reason I can
imagine being with you when I'm seventy and you're sixty-five and your face
is forty and your boobs are twenty-nine.
Jordan: My face will never look forty.
Perry: You're right, my bad.

[♪] Bonus! Ludo - Love Me Dead (Live on KROQ)

[full zip]
my darling, stay goldgold_panner on December 23rd, 2009 02:28 am (UTC)
I love scrubs~ I'd download this if I hadn't used up so much net thi smonth ;o; new years resolution!!

Thanks for uploading it~
➥《Nocturnal Flying Mammal》✈: sora FM+kawree on December 23rd, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
ah! you're welcome! i'm glad. :3 you know, it got rejected from the damn fanmix community cuz there was a typo in my subject line. an obviously accidental typo. e__e eh, i don't really care, it's like all Twilight crap there anymore anyway, but that was really special.

i hope you enjoy it when you can DL it!
my darling, stay goldgold_panner on December 23rd, 2009 11:12 am (UTC)
*hates twilight with a burning passion*

you should go pimp it out in scrubs comms, then! <3

I'll come spazz about it at you when I do!! XD