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30 April 2008 @ 05:32 am
[fic] Crossing the Rubicon - I. alia iacta est  
Title: Crossing the Rubicon - I. alia iacta est
Authors: aenigmadarai and kawree
Premise: Original Game Canon; Divergent Timeline - What if he hadn't let go?
Word Count: 5,375/??

It's been said that one's life can be likened to train tracks: Once they've been laid down, they can only go in one direction, toward a single destination that was decided from the get-go, and the only way to diverge from the path in front of you is to wait for a switch in the tracks. Then you're faced with a choice--right or left? And regardless of which way you choose, there's always that little nagging voice of wonder in the back of your mind, asking what might have happened if you'd gone the other way. It could be said that for every decision that is made in life, two roads are created...one that takes you left, and one that takes you right, possibly creating an infinite number of paths that could be walked in the life of a single human being. Add to that the potential infinite number of paths in each life a person interacts with, and you're left with an unfathomable web of roads, leading to a future you yourself have every power to direct, with every choice you make.

Every story has an unlimited number of potential paths. There are two roads for every decision a person makes, whether it be right or left, good or bad. This is the other path. This is the story of the road not taken.

Crossing the Rubicon
chapter one: alia iacta est

( in which Reno is reminded why he never kept a pet )
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